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Hi, welcome to the Deary - Save long distance messages in a diary testing family

Deary App is a chat platform that utilizes AI technology to understand your emotions and recognizes your most treasured messages from platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Messages are stored within a digital diary allowing you to revisit days, months or even years of meaningful conversations. ♦ Keep track of past & present messages ♦ Revisit memories within your diary ♦ Find and restore old messages Features: ❤️ Retrieve your important messages Import conversations from platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and let Deary’s Artificial Intelligence automatically capture misplaced meaningful messages. ❤️ Label messages with emotions Decide an emotion that best suits your messages to help Deary automatically organize your daily conversations - The more you use Deary the more it learns what you care most about. ❤️ Keep chatting with Deary Invite your friends and loved ones to start using Deary’s internal chat. You can immediately save and label your chosen messages with them. ❤️ Preserve your best messages in a diary Deary saves all messages within a digital diary. You can re-visit your own conversations whenever you like. Personal messages don't need to be mislaid

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